Basket EP – D£UC£

After 2 tracks released this summer, the Toulouse’s producer Deuce is back with his full EP Basket. Its Ep fluctuate between instrumental jazz hip-hop, house and futur beat.

Italdred – Efflorescence

“Efflorescence” is the newest release expected to drop September 12th, it’s name meaning to “Flower/Bloom” in French. This time it is not just a compilation but also a celebration for the label, as it will be known for featuring tracks from every member of their newly added international roster along with eleven additional special artists.



I could say that mad hop is like a box of chocolate, you almost never know what you’re going to get…But that’s always a good surprise not like the shitty chocolate with the liquor inside, you know what i’m talking about i’m sure. Anyway, even if we’ve known Ganju’s skills by his collaboration album with Myamo and i’ve thought i was ready for this new solo album, i was wrong. Ganju has stepped his game up with this project. On « Raven », Ganju blend downpitched voices, melancolic pianos and strings which contrast with the glitchy drums.



You probably already heard about R33 by our compilations and all his remixes. He’s part of the Unlog Family and his Ep « Kwato » is finally out. With this 4 titles, you’ll discover another side of R33, more violent and more trappy.
This Ep is released on the parisien’s label Beat X Changer.


Unlog @ Piknic Electronik : We’re ready


2014 – July 6th : Circus beards, outdoor beats, Unlog sounds and scratch.

Noyl and Famelik from Unlog are proud to take over the second stage of the Montreal based outdoor festival Piknic Electronik. The first stage will welcome Heidi, Ponsolo, Jesse Voltaire, and Jimmy Edgar.

Note that if your genetics allowed you to have a beard longer than 3 inches, you’ll get a free entrance thanks to Montréal Completement Cirque.


Russ Liquid – In Love

Russ Liquid is the future-vintage groove-blasting maestro who has stirred the souls and minds of the electronic music world. Renowned for his ingenious compositional approach, this cosmic virtuoso and imprints a prophetic musical experience on his audiences. He detonates explosive beatscapes, seamlessly adding flourishes of instrumental color and emotion; all while drawing from an endlessly diverse sonic palette.


Medvede Vedia vol. 1 – MFDVFDF

Once again, Czech republic prove that this country is a source of very creative beatmakers. For their first compilation, Medvede records hosts artists from all around the world. You’ll remember Karaoke Tundra or Grillo that we had on Unlog Complex. You’ll find many heavyweight’s artist like Polyklinik or Filtercutter too.
Keep an eye on this label, it could be one the new Gergaz.