SYNAESTHESIA – Pragmatic Theory

The Pragmatic Theory is back with a huge compilation, full of great beatmakers. This collective from UK has gathered artists from all round the world for this 36 tracks project.

Pragmatic Theory’s roots lies in the Soundcloud community and even with all the changes that has occurred within that social media as well as with Pragmatic Theory, we are humbled and blessed that we can continue to come together right here as part of the same movement that we are passionate about. To all that have been with us since the beginning and the new artists coming on, We hope you continue to enjoy the music that unites us.


Kuna Maze – Maze#1 Ep

Here’s a fresh EP to start the day. Maze #1’s intro starts like an echo to Ramsey Lewis’s track Dreams, a trippy melodic texture in which a discrete and grainy beat slowly emerges. Eventually, this beat will follow you all along this short but mature release by the french producer Kuna Maze.


Radio Bokor – Mute Speaker

If you’ve liked the Rare & Limited beats by UM, you should definitively love the new Mute Speaker‘s album. The cambodian’s samples are roughly chopped, the beats are efficient. Instead of buying you an expensive travel to Cambodia, i recommand to download this free album whose the fusion of world music and hip-hop gonna make you travel.

This is an album of instrumental beats constructed from chopped-up songs from the ‘golden age’ of Cambodian music (60’s to ’75).
Samples sourced from artists such as Pen Ran, Ros Sereysothea, Sinn Sisamouth, So Savoeun, Meas Samon & Eng Nary, along with some field recordings of my own.

Medvede Vedia Vol. 2 – MEDVEDE

We’ve been following closely MEDVEDE since the release of their first compilation in june. As us with our new complex 4, they’ve worked hard this summer to drop this medevede vedia vol.2. Like the first one, this new compilation gathers a lot of future beat’s producers from all round the world and from different musical universes.

The pre-classical Greeks believed in the ability of men to become bears. One of the most commonly told stories is that of Callisto, who bore a child of Zeus – Arcas. Hera became jealous and transformed Callisto into a bear as punishment. Arcas, out hunting, came upon his mother and shot at her. Zeus, taking pity on the mother and son, changed them into Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, the two great bear constellations. From this one myth comes a whole score of others. For instance, the name Arcas comes from the Greek word for bear – Arctos. By extension, the « Arkades » of Arcadia are supposedly descended from Arcas. Their name means bear-people.

Ichiro_ Hollow Ep

Another hazy morning.

Ichiro cooks it up. Deep ethereal soundscapes dance us into oblivion. Another journey worth your time. Moments through spaced out beats.


Basket EP – D£UC£

After 2 tracks released this summer, the Toulouse’s producer Deuce is back with his full EP Basket. Its Ep fluctuate between instrumental jazz hip-hop, house and futur beat.

Italdred – Efflorescence

“Efflorescence” is the newest release expected to drop September 12th, it’s name meaning to “Flower/Bloom” in French. This time it is not just a compilation but also a celebration for the label, as it will be known for featuring tracks from every member of their newly added international roster along with eleven additional special artists.



I could say that mad hop is like a box of chocolate, you almost never know what you’re going to get…But that’s always a good surprise not like the shitty chocolate with the liquor inside, you know what i’m talking about i’m sure. Anyway, even if we’ve known Ganju’s skills by his collaboration album with Myamo and i’ve thought i was ready for this new solo album, i was wrong. Ganju has stepped his game up with this project. On « Raven », Ganju blend downpitched voices, melancolic pianos and strings which contrast with the glitchy drums.