Sister – Dolor

Dolor is one of the most discrete artist that i know and even if his debut EP was released on Ninja Tunes. Proof is he hadn’t really communicated about this brand new Ep Dolor. Probably cause he doesn’t care about posting useless stuff and he probably prefere working on his music and between you and me (and all internet), it’s perfect like this even if he deserve more exposure.
This new EP is dark and deep and we clearly feel the Lorn’s touch (who has masterised this project).

More info on his Facebook or more tracks on his soundcloud

Thin Veil – Woulg

There are some news coming from the New York’s label Outlier Recordings. Some of us discovered this producer in live at Mutek this year but Woulg releases his fifth EP on Outlier. As usual, the Montreal’s producer offers us a EP between glitchy ambient like the title Thins Veil (which is also the title of this EP), sound design on Ocean and Techno on What you left behind.
If you like the muscial texture, this EP is for you.

Greg Debicki is a composer and new media artist based in Montréal. He completed a BFA from Alberta College of Art and Design and studied music composition at the Dartington College of Arts, UK. He writes generative music software, designs interactive projections, and composes glitch music (as Woulg).


xEm – KronoL

Listening to the music released by labels such as Terminal Explosion (Japan) can be a challenging exercise for whoever questions genres and subgenres, and climbing. KronoL, their latest release, is a 24 minutes serious deep sound trip among with mineral and digital textures crafted the Kobe based beatmaker xEm. This post is a perfect opportunity for us to put some heavy tom beats from Japan in your news feed, so read more below.


Fader – Thriftworks

Two weeks ago, we’ve posted Fade, the first part of a three part project by Thriftworks. We’ve also announced the release date of Fader which is obviously the second part. It’s the D day and once again, the Oakland’s producer proves that he’s extremely productive. This is a 33 tracks project with few amazing guests like Insightful, Ill Esha or Russ Liquid (who already was on Fade).

See you on December 1st for the last part of this trilogy Fadest.

album art: Archan Nair

Kent Bimaga – Vect

Maybe you’ve discovered Vect on our Complex 2 with his jazzy title Money in the Back. Since this title, We’ve expected the new Vect’s EP, the time has come and his new project Kent Bimaga has been released on Cosmonostro.
This EP reminded me why we’ve contacted this talented beatmaker earlier. His warm keyboards, his downpitched and upitched voice’s samples are like sweet candies for you ears.


That’s the kind of music [fill in the blank]. Today, the japanese label Utopian Society[s] dropped their second release, Crevasse of mind(s), a deep and forward thinking experimental essay that lies somewhere between abstract hip hop and and cyber-punk. So it’s no surprise that the french artist Le Parasite is part of that inspiring project.


Nikitch – Moods EP [CBR035]

Nikitch. Some of you might know him from his appearance in the 4th installment of Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Electr*c compilations. Or, luckily, through his collaboration with Mart-One on the track Aftermath released on the 4th Unlog Complex compilation. Either way, this french based producer has been gaining a lot of attention lately and his latest EP Moods just dropped at Chateau Bruyant Records. Maybe it’s time to check it out if you haven’t already.  More…